le.f.t – lesbian.film.days graz 2012

Diversity and Differences – le.f.t 2012

Lesbian and gay biographies are characterized by “otherness”, a feeling that is fostered by the collective identity but is also part of what makes each individual distinct. Struggles, fears and acts of liberation have often been similar, yet they can never be identical. Individual experiences cannot be articulated in a single, monolithic narrative and there is no such thing as a homogeneous lesbian (or gay) identity.
The sixth edition of le.f.t is dedicated to the diversity and differences of lesbian lives. This year’s movies display what unifies us as a community, but also give way to a differentiated and decentralized point of view. Between opposition and perfection, le.f.t 2012 wants to make lesbian lives visible on screen by showing unity without uniformity.
Our cooperation partner, the Kunst- und Kulturverein Gundl, contributed a gay movie about the stubbornness of love in the face of sexual pigeonholing.

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